My Dream for Nigeria – by Nancy Pepple

My dream for Nigeria is a safe country.  A country where one is free to go wherever he or she wishes to go to and gather with friends without the fear of being robbed: A Crime free country.         

My dream for Nigeria is to have a country full of hardworking and honest people who will not be scared of saying what is right no matter whose horse is gored: A corruption free country.

My dream for Nigeria is to have a country with people who will not sit back and watch injustice perpetuate but will rather do their best to fight for justice: A conscientious country.

Nowadays, people do not like to work hard to make their own money, they would rather resort to unscrupulous means such as kidnapping, money rituals , etc. I want our country to be full of people who are hard-working rather than sitting and waiting for manna to fall from heaven: A credible country.

My dream for Nigeria is to have adequate electricity supply, as in constant, uninterrupted, electricity  supply where I can iron my clothes, watch movies,  etc without   the fear of electricity outages. Where there are no dark alleys for thugs to harass people under the cover of darkness: A center of development and excellence.

I dream of a Nigeria with strong and developed democracy. I dream of a country where the children of the rich do not go to school abroad because of sub-standard facilities and amenities as well as low quality human capacities in our local universities: A country of proud citizens.

Name: Nancy Pepple
Class: SSS 2
Date: 28th November, 2019.

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