Find out why Students Love
Schooling at Laurels

Extra-Curricular Activities

At Laurels Model College, we place, in high esteem, the development of personal attributes and skill acquisition which will lead to astronomical growth in the academics, sporting prowess and other areas of the lives of our students. Consequetly, we have the following clubs, for extra-curricular activities, that students can choose from:

  • Fashion club
  • Culinary club
  • Games club
  • Music club
  • Leadership club
  • JETS club
  • Drama club


Students in senior secondary are required to invest at least ten (10) hours to volunteering in service of the community. Volunteering allows students to learn a lot about themselves and what they can do to make a difference in their immediate society.

Inspiring students to give back to their communities and contribute to both local and global social change is a goal of our student volunteer program. Additionally, Laurels Model College volunteers obtain a Co-Curricular Record, which is added to their academic transcripts and helps them develop their resumes after graduation.

Excursions and Field Trips

Our field trips and excursions give students the opportunity to learn hands-on, resulting in long-lasting learning experiences. To strengthen their comprehension, our students must be exposed to a variety of different learning approaches. Visual learning can assist students in preparing for future careers or life after graduation in addition to exposing them to fresh viewpoints.

School Events

Every term, we have series of activities and events, lined-up, that engages students productively in learning while also stimulating  creativity/innovation amongst students:

  • Humanities week
  • STEM week
  • Authors week and book fair
  • Career week

…and a lot more.


Our music studio is adequately equipped with instruments including the piano, guitar, drums, etc. Music classes are available to our students where they enjoy learning to sing and play instruments. We give our students an opportunity for them showcase their various skills.


Imaginative activities for young learners can help them develop better social and emotional skills. Our students develop creativity in their arts classes which in-turn enables them to develop fresh perspectives of their surroundings. Learning creative arts improves emotional intelligence, self-assurance, resilience, commitment, and other qualities.


A student’s daily life and health, both physical and mental can be greatly impacted by sports. Skills like teamwork, leadership, patience, discipline, learning from failure, sportsmanship, etc., are developed only when children play sports regularly. Students have to participate in school sports to increase confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem.

In the school premises, we have facilities where students can play Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Soccer, etc.



Drama is an excellent way for our students to express themselves and a range of emotions. The art of performing can improve confidence among students and help them recognize their potentials. Additionally, it can improve their reading and comprehension skills:

  • Storytelling
  • Shakespearean Plays
  • Playwriting
  • Poetry
  • Dance