Teenagehood and it’s Challenges – by Okoro Onome


         Teenage-hood is the state of being in ones teenage years and teenagers are individuals from the age of 13-19 and are mostly found in secondary schools. At teenage-hood, one is at the most difficult stage in life because it is where you become introduced to the outside world and learn new things. Therefore, because the brain is still fresh, one easily absorbs everything that he/she comes across. Teenagers find themselves involved in bad activities such as; drug abuse, joining gangs, and teenage pregnancy.                       Teenage-hood can be considered as the…

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My Dream for Nigeria – by Nancy Pepple


My dream for Nigeria is a safe country.  A country where one is free to go wherever he or she wishes to go to and gather with friends without the fear of being robbed: A Crime free country.          My dream for Nigeria is to have a country full of hardworking and honest people who will not be scared of saying what is right no matter whose horse is gored: A corruption free country. My dream for Nigeria is to have a country with people who will not sit back and…

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The Secret of the Great Riches – by Ejiro Umukoro

Great riches and wealth begins with the mind. The mind is a battle field. It is the instrument that gave birth to thoughts, ideas and innovations that changed our world today. Many great men understand this and use it wisely. Theoretically, every single innovation and idea began in the mind. The mind has so much power to create and destroy, to bring to life and to kill but we humans do not realize the extreme power given to us by God to be the master of our fates and controller…

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“Laurels Model College Inter-House Sports” by OKORO ONOME [SSS 1]

It was on a bright sunny day on the 2nd of February 2019. I was super excited that, that was the day of inter-house sports, so I dressed up and went to the venue which was at N.T.A (Nigerian Television Authority) with my mum. When I arrived with my mum and my friend Sophia, the place was empty. I thought I came late but fortunately I came early. When I arrived at the boot allocated to my house, I met a few people. Not quite long the event started. We…

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“Physics Lab Fiasco” by DIANA AKALUOGBO [SSS 1]

A very peaceful morning was clustered by noises of wooden chairs hitting each other; I made my way out of the class only to be greeted by junior students making their way up the stairs. And with just a glimpse, I knew what was happening: SS2 students were moved downstairs in order to control or minimize excess movement along the hall way. SS2 students, weren’t actually pleased with this change, they taught of it as ‘unfair’, seeing that the reason behind the movement was because an SS2 student precisely, went…

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“The Wedding Ceremony I Attended” by BENJAMIN SOPHIA [SSS 1].

The wedding ceremony of my church members was on November 5th, 2018. My siblings, mum and I were invited to the holy matrimony. It was the best marriage I had ever attended as it was a memorable experience. The church proceedings were to commence by 10:00am while the reception was at 12:00 noon. The day was packed with serious activities. At 9:40am, the bride left the hotel to the church where the groom was already waiting. In the church she marched in with her father, and the marriage ceremony officially…

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